Housing Enterprise Zone ? City of Atlanta

Sponsor Eligibility No requirements noted; project/property requirements below.
Types of Projects Funded Automatic Eligibility method, the parcel must be located in one of the Economic Development Priority Areas, as adopted in the New Century Economic Development Plan.
Property must be located in an area demonstrating pervasive poverty, unemployment, general distress and underdevelopment.

New Construction or Rehab – Tax abatements are allowed on the assessed value of the improvements (new development or renovations) only.

Affordability Requirements Minimum of 20% of the total number of units must be designated as being affordable.

Five percent (5%) of available affordable units may be offered to Atlanta Police officers and their families

Funds Available Per Project After the first year of UEZ designation, tax abatements occur via a sliding scale of reduced percentages.

UEZ designation of a parcel(s) results in tax abatement for City of Atlanta taxes as well as Atlanta Public School taxes. The UEZ is created to exist for a period of ten years, after which it is abolished.

Primary Contact City of Atlanta Office of Planning
55 Trinity Ave, SW, Suite 3350
Atlanta, Georgia 30335?0310
Phone: 404?330?6145
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