Building equitable transit-oriented development projects takes careful coordination and innovative, flexible financing.

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Housing and transportation costs are too high!

Housing options near transit provide access to jobs and services such as retail shops and health care providers. Housing is an essential element of any successful transit-oriented community.


Our Commitment

The TransFormation Alliance is committed to creating and preserving affordable housing options in areas near transit stations. We work to find land, collaborate with developers and partner with transit providers to identify and develop resources for predevelopment, construction and gap financing solutions for those willing to include eTOD principles.

What are we working on?

The TransFormation Alliance works with community advocates, policy experts, transit providers, and government agencies to achieve our goals. Our projects related to financing include:

  • Housing and TOD Finance Committee

    Currently led by TFA Alliance member Enterprise Community Partners, the Housing and TOD Finance Committee explores and leverages financing solutions to create equitable transit-oriented development. The Alliance has positioned itself as a thought partner with DCA and other public agencies to help ensures that policies friendly to equitable TOD are placed into funding programs. This committee spearheaded the submission of comments to the Department of Community Affairs on the Qualified Allocation Plan and recaptured TCAP dollars.

  • Pilot Real Estate Development

    The TransFormation Alliance is launching a pilot real estate development to prove how equitable TOD can be executed with innovative financing and authentic community engagement.

  • Inclusionary Housing Policy

    The TransFormation Alliance and its partners are coordinating with local jurisdictions to understand how to implement an Inclusionary Housing Policy. Through zoning ordinances or economic incentives, inclusionary housing requires that developers set aside a portion of new housing units as affordable.

  • Project Equity Evaluator

    Headed by TransFormation Alliance member Southface, the Project Equity Evaluator tool was developed to measure the impact a proposed development at a transit station area will have on the community. Recognizing that the needs at each station vary, the tool considers factors such as addition of jobs and services, types of commercial space, preservation or increase of affordable housing and the quality of the built environment. TransFormation Alliance member, ULI will lead the outreach and training to the development community. MARTA will use this tool in the evaluation of joint development Requests for Proposals.

  • Supporting MARTA’s Joint Development Program & Affordable Housing Goal

    MARTA promotes joint development at its transit stations by leasing property rights on parcels which are no longer required for operations or maintenance. MARTA has a goal of including 20% affordable housing units in each TOD development on its property. The TransFormation Alliance has been working closely with MARTA to identify funding programs that will fill the revenue gap developers face when meeting this affordable housing goal.

  • Atlanta Mayoral Race

    Along with City for All, the TransFormation Alliance and its partners are asking Atlanta Mayoral candidates where they stand on affordable housing in the City of Atlanta. The City for All developed and dispersed a survey to candidates in an attempt to understand their understanding of the issues, their platform, and how they plan to implement their vision. Read the Executive Summary here and see the full results here.

Housing and Finance Committee Contact

Meaghan Shannon Vlkovic
VP & Market Leader, Southeast
Enterprise Community Partners
50 Hurt Plaza, Suite 649
Atlanta GA 30303

The TransFormation Alliance works with community advocates, policy experts, transit providers and government agencies to achieve our goals.

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