The TransFormation Alliance is committed to advocacy for transportation policies and programs that ensure workers of all wage levels can reach quality jobs with the lowest possible cost and stress

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Connecting Atlanta residents with opportunities

Equitable transit-oriented development presents an opportunity to connect metro Atlanta residents with opportunities for education and employment, increasing the region’s skilled workforce and competitiveness. However, transportation remains a persistent and significant obstacle to quality job access for many of metro Atlanta residents.


Our Commitment

The TransFormation Alliance is committed to advocate for transportation policies and programs that ensure workers of all wage levels are able to reach quality jobs with the lowest possible cost and stress, a goal that also helps employers expand access to the broadest possible labor market.

What are we working on?

The TransFormation Alliance continues to build out our work around promoting access to quality jobs. We are seeking to foster relationships with large employers who have already made a commitment to transit access for their employees, and we are reaching out to new and existing coalitions which are focused on securing community benefits as new developments begin to apply serious market pressure on surrounding neighborhoods.


Over 300 Large employers (100 employees or more) within a half mile radius of MARTA stations.

The TransFormation Alliance works with community advocates, policy experts, transit providers, and government agencies to achieve our goals.


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Location Affordability Portal

Location Affordability Portal

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Community Benefits Agreements

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