Safe and comfortable access to reliable transit can transform communities by linking residents to opportunities they need to thrive. 

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Safe and Comfortable Access


In the 10-county Atlanta region, an average of 6% of households do not have access to a vehicle. In certain counties, this percentage is much higher.

Accessible transit options are change agents in a household budget, leaving more money for expenses such as food, education, health care and clothing. But, leveraging its potential into success takes coordination and collaboration. 


Our Commitment

The TransFormation Alliance is committed to increasing transit and multimodal funding to maintain metro Atlanta’s existing infrastructure, provide access to transit and prepare for future needs. Sparking the innovation that our economy needs to meet growth and new competition will require smart solutions that benefit all residents and employers.

What are we working on?

  • Policy Committee

    Led by the SouthFace and Enterprise Community Partners, both members of the TransFormation Alliance, the policy committee identifies and aligns policies and existing financial resources to increase the inclusion of affordable housing, retail services and commercial uses into mixedincome developments that are integrated into transit.

  • Atlanta Infrastructure Bond

    The TransFormation Alliance worked to shap the city’s infrastructure bond project list to ensure that priority was given to projects that leverage the MARTA transit system.

  • Expanding MARTA into Clayton County

    Led by two Alliance partners, the Partnership for Southern Equity and Georgia STAND-UP, the citizens in Clayton County were organized into a campaign to pass a one-cent sales tax that would bring MARTA back into the county after five years of no transit service. The Alliance and our partners will continue to engage Clayton residents and elected leaders as they work with MARTA to expand transit service and capture economic benefits around planned transit stops.

Policy Committee Chair Contact

Alex Trachtenberg, MPP
Project Manager, Community Sustainability Services and Policy, Southface
voice: 404/604-3592 | fax: 404/872-5009

The TransFormation Alliance works with community advocates, policy experts, transit providers, and government agencies to reach our goals.

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